Monday, December 22, 2008


Just for those that asked! I am hoping they will decide on the value scripture soon! As soon as they do I will be posting it up! Thanks for all that are interested and are eagerly awaiting!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Theme


at the request of one of the sisters.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2009 Binder Covers

Okay ladies - here are some 8.5 x 11 downloadable Binder Covers for 2009.
Let me know if you have any issues. Or Idea's that might work for your YW. You never know who else might need that exact same thing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Manual 1 - 2009 Lesson Schedule

Here is an excel file that already has the lessons - linked to and all the sundays for the year... you can at least plug in your stuff and mix things around if you want... enjoy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Planning Made Simple

yOkay Ladies, Sorry I know I was going to post this last week but with home improvement, my sons 3rd birthday and trying to get this planning notebook done - I got most of it done Sunday. Still to come - BYC reporting sheet - Front and Back with room for those quesitons that always get asked. And individual activity planning sheets.
So first off.
I have divided the year out as followed:
Whichever member of the Presidency is teaching that is their month. So for the month their class conducts our meetings and has our combined YW's activity for the month. To me this simplifies things. I also went and assigned a value to each month - you will notice that in the calendar file.
To download this simple brainstorming file (not pictured here) click here.

The information that we gathered from our planning session is now being inserted into this sheet. What I tried to accomplish was to put all the information for one month on sheet of paper. Just so we dont have to be flipping back and forth or forgetting other things that might be happening. Add clip art - change the font - make it your own. To download this file click here.
Here is my sample of our conducting sheet. I will be printing off 4 months at a time - This way the girls arent frantic looking for information. They have it. I've helped them by typing out what to say incase they have issues with public speaking. We have a clipboard in the closet that the girls use each week.
To Download this file click here.

Here is a calendar that I downloaded from It is colored up because each month I have assigned a value - you will see that in the notes each month.
I have taken out our personal information other than the value and the conducting class. Add your clipart.... make it your own. Change the colors have fun. They print out nicely - with plenty of room.
To download this file click here.

Here in our ward we are focusing on letting the girls Lead. We want to give them the tools so that it isnt overwhelming. I'm hoping that these sheets can help them realize that
1. Brainstorming
2. Committing
3. Following through
Will give them great results in their classes.
As stated above. I will post up the BYC sheet and Activity Planning sheet ASAP. We are meeting each BYC sunday 30 minutes before BYC - 10 minutes all together and then into our seperate classes - to talk about what will be discussed at BYC and what assignments for the month will need to be made.
Please let me know if you see something that might need to be added. This is my first run at trying to organize things into one sheet.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trade Secrets =-)

Not really trade secrets. But just to let everyone know how I create these "gems".

Digital scrapbooking came to my attention around Christmas time 2007. I've done graphic art, webdesign and add creation for a while almost 8 years and silly me had never even heard of digital scrapbooking. When I stumbled upon a site I was HOOKED. Physical scrapbooking overwhelms me. Hobby Lobby's isles literally send me into a panic attack... I buy way to much and nothing looks right. I cant create what I want with my hands in that way. So this whole time I've been plotting to get into scrapbooking but never took the plunge. Anywho... as soon as I saw digital scrapbooking I knew it was for me.
Program I use - Adobe Photoshop Elements - this program is like the baby sister of Photo Shop - cost a third and does almost everything you need it to do.
Websites I get things from - (lds owner), this site has great tutorials!, plus a WONDERFUL forum where you can ask anything or search anything that someone might have already asked. has a TON of cute kits that are free and also great tutorial.
There are sites popping up that you can do everything from a website. I have not tested any of these out so I am not sure how they work or if they are easier.
I print everything so far at Walgreens (any place will work) I save everything if picture quality (300 dpi) and have never had something not turned out. I do alot of hands out in 4x6 size since they are cheapest. I've used my own printer but find it sure seems to waist ink =-) I like to pay alittle for them to do it for me.

I hope this helps. My family blog I have a few more links of scrapbooking places I go to. Let me know if you have specific question or need any help. I love helping people.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Manual 3 Lesson 36

Lesson 36 Marriage Standards
Here is the Handout and Poster I made for the girls.

to download the 8x10 click
to download the 4x6 handout click

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4x6 2009 Theme Handout

To download the jpg click on this link

For those that are unsure how to do the final image. Pick your favorite place to get your photos processed. I use Walgreen's cause I can pick them up at 3 am if I want too. But any place that can do photos can do this.
Upload the image. Choose how many 4x6's you want. I print in glossy cause that is the only thing that they offer at my location. But the print type is up to you. Submit and go pick them up.

Fun Activity

As a youth a bunch of a girl friends and I would get together and play this game often. Didn't matter how many times we did it, it was always HILARIOUS. We used to video tape ourselves doing it.
Here's how you play.

Items you need:
Penny/ Or other object - photoed with gob stopper

How to play...
Pack cup with flour... Packed tightly.
Place plate up side on the top of the cup
Tip over as if to make a sandcastle
Tap glass before pulling cup off... slowly glide the cup up.
You should have a flour tower.
Place object - penny or whatever on the top softly
Take turns with the knife.
You must make strokes taking flour off the tower. 1 motion from top to bottom.

Player that makes the tower collapse must retrieve object using only their mouth.
Be sure to have a camera.

Bulletin Board

Okay so months and months ago we did our Bulletin Board. Tonight I finally got a photo of the final masterpiece =-)
The girls did this!

Each month the girls have one person to do the "Spotlight" which we are doing a value each month and to make a calendar too.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

2009 Theme

Well there isnt a lot out right now on what direction they are going to take this theme other than our Savior. I'm open to brainstorming on how to do something special for a picture for each girl.... shoot me some ideas......
I made this as an introduction to this years theme. This could be placed in a frame or up on a bulletin board like the value posters OR if you are interested let me know and I can make this a 4x6 (pretty sure I can) and you can have them printed and handed out like a handout.

Would love some feedback and ideas on what to do with this year's theme.
To download this as an 8x10 click this link

Monday, September 22, 2008


Final value! I'm so happy to have them all done so anyone can use any value.
Let me know how they work for you all!

Good Works
This is also done with a free Package from Shabby Princess and one element from Raspberry Road.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Knowledge is now available for download
Paper and embleshments are from Raspberry Road Designs - Lucky Me collection

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Individual Worth

Individual Worth is now available for download. - This was made with Shabby Princess Sun Porch Collection.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We have our bulletin board for our Beehive class all decorated To get our girls acquainted with the values I have assigned a value to each month. We are having each class presidency decorate their table with our table clothes (value colors). In addition I am having our beehives each month doing a scrapbook page about the value. I told them I would do our first month - So this is what I did. I did an 8x8 image - then put it on an 8x10 canvas so I could send it to Walgreen's and have it ready. I trimmed the extra edges off the top and bottom and VIOLA.

If anyone wants to use this idea let me know - I am going to go ahead and do one for each value so I have one ready in case someone falls through. Just leave a comment requesting the file with your email address and I will send my jpg file over. This was done with free products through

To download click

Monday, June 9, 2008

General Conference Notebooks

Okay so way back in April (yes the date on the photos are wrong) we got the girls together for a slumber party. During the hours of movie watching, pizza eating, dance revolution and american idol competitions we made Conference Journals. I thought it sounded like a great way to get the girls to many tune in to some of the messages that were prepared for them.
They turned out great. If I was still in school I would do this to my own notebooks.
This could be used in so many applications.

All you need, scrapbook paper, embleshments (stickers, ribbons, anything that will glue) and some modge podge (flat) - you can use any kind of adhesive but this is what we had on hand and it worked.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beehive's Bulletin Board

Okay so the Beehives will be decorating their bulletin board this coming week. I've done the outlay in scrap booking products, but on a large scale I'm hoping to find some wrapping paper and something to coordinate with whatever I find. I have a section that I am debating what to do with. What do you all think? I'm torn between doing a spotlight of one of the Young Women, Doing something with the theme, spotlighting a value, Something with the temple..... any idea's?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tonight was the night

We had new beginnings tonight. It was a special night. The girls all did a wonderful job. We are so blessed to have wonderful young women.
I decided to just mount the photo on scrapbook paper and some white cardstock. And gave them an extra copy so if they wanted to do something with it they could.

These are my beehives.

Our Mia Maids

And our Laurels...
Here is our group.