Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beehive's Bulletin Board

Okay so the Beehives will be decorating their bulletin board this coming week. I've done the outlay in scrap booking products, but on a large scale I'm hoping to find some wrapping paper and something to coordinate with whatever I find. I have a section that I am debating what to do with. What do you all think? I'm torn between doing a spotlight of one of the Young Women, Doing something with the theme, spotlighting a value, Something with the temple..... any idea's?


Jennifer said...

I like the idea of pointing our youth to the temple. If you have access to temple prints you can cut it out and then put those tabs behind it that give it some dimension. - Or - you could make it a big card with a ribbon tie for them to untie the ribbon to see a temple picture inside with some comments/feelings the girls or others have said about the temple.
On my mission we used the church magazines to help us make bulletin boards in the small branches, since we didn't have computers or printers - but, yes, we had scissors and tape. It might be fun to have the yw cut out the letters to this year's theme from magazines or newspapers and post that. You have some cute ideas and I love the papers you choose.

Anonymous said...

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