Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4x6 2009 Theme Handout

To download the jpg click on this link

For those that are unsure how to do the final image. Pick your favorite place to get your photos processed. I use Walgreen's cause I can pick them up at 3 am if I want too. But any place that can do photos can do this.
Upload the image. Choose how many 4x6's you want. I print in glossy cause that is the only thing that they offer at my location. But the print type is up to you. Submit and go pick them up.

Fun Activity

As a youth a bunch of a girl friends and I would get together and play this game often. Didn't matter how many times we did it, it was always HILARIOUS. We used to video tape ourselves doing it.
Here's how you play.

Items you need:
Penny/ Or other object - photoed with gob stopper

How to play...
Pack cup with flour... Packed tightly.
Place plate up side on the top of the cup
Tip over as if to make a sandcastle
Tap glass before pulling cup off... slowly glide the cup up.
You should have a flour tower.
Place object - penny or whatever on the top softly
Take turns with the knife.
You must make strokes taking flour off the tower. 1 motion from top to bottom.

Player that makes the tower collapse must retrieve object using only their mouth.
Be sure to have a camera.

Bulletin Board

Okay so months and months ago we did our Bulletin Board. Tonight I finally got a photo of the final masterpiece =-)
The girls did this!

Each month the girls have one person to do the "Spotlight" which we are doing a value each month and to make a calendar too.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

2009 Theme

Well there isnt a lot out right now on what direction they are going to take this theme other than our Savior. I'm open to brainstorming on how to do something special for a picture for each girl.... shoot me some ideas......
I made this as an introduction to this years theme. This could be placed in a frame or up on a bulletin board like the value posters OR if you are interested let me know and I can make this a 4x6 (pretty sure I can) and you can have them printed and handed out like a handout.

Would love some feedback and ideas on what to do with this year's theme.
To download this as an 8x10 click this link