Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun Activity

As a youth a bunch of a girl friends and I would get together and play this game often. Didn't matter how many times we did it, it was always HILARIOUS. We used to video tape ourselves doing it.
Here's how you play.

Items you need:
Penny/ Or other object - photoed with gob stopper

How to play...
Pack cup with flour... Packed tightly.
Place plate up side on the top of the cup
Tip over as if to make a sandcastle
Tap glass before pulling cup off... slowly glide the cup up.
You should have a flour tower.
Place object - penny or whatever on the top softly
Take turns with the knife.
You must make strokes taking flour off the tower. 1 motion from top to bottom.

Player that makes the tower collapse must retrieve object using only their mouth.
Be sure to have a camera.


Hollie said...

Very funny! Did you play too, or did you get out of it because you were the one holding the camera?

Garrison Family said...

yeah i got out of playing this time lol not that i wouldnt of but yeah I was holding the camera!