Sunday, November 2, 2008

Manual 3 Lesson 36

Lesson 36 Marriage Standards
Here is the Handout and Poster I made for the girls.

to download the 8x10 click
to download the 4x6 handout click


Brenda said...

Bother, I gave that lesson yesterday. Love what you have done and all the gorgeous things you do for YW.

...Sheri said...

Jill I'd love to know which scrpabooking program(s) you use?! I love your work!

marci said...

Yes, I would love to know which scrapbooking program you use, as well. I was just recently called as a counselor over beehives. Honestly, I have struggled with the calling but you have inspired me. Your work is beautiful. Do you give those printouts to the girls? Do you have a book for them to put them in? I would love to hear more of your activity ideas.

Arianne said...

thanks for the handout! I'm using it tomorrow for my YW lesson. I'm sure glad there are talented people like you out there who share with the rest of us. :)