Monday, November 17, 2008

Planning Made Simple

yOkay Ladies, Sorry I know I was going to post this last week but with home improvement, my sons 3rd birthday and trying to get this planning notebook done - I got most of it done Sunday. Still to come - BYC reporting sheet - Front and Back with room for those quesitons that always get asked. And individual activity planning sheets.
So first off.
I have divided the year out as followed:
Whichever member of the Presidency is teaching that is their month. So for the month their class conducts our meetings and has our combined YW's activity for the month. To me this simplifies things. I also went and assigned a value to each month - you will notice that in the calendar file.
To download this simple brainstorming file (not pictured here) click here.

The information that we gathered from our planning session is now being inserted into this sheet. What I tried to accomplish was to put all the information for one month on sheet of paper. Just so we dont have to be flipping back and forth or forgetting other things that might be happening. Add clip art - change the font - make it your own. To download this file click here.
Here is my sample of our conducting sheet. I will be printing off 4 months at a time - This way the girls arent frantic looking for information. They have it. I've helped them by typing out what to say incase they have issues with public speaking. We have a clipboard in the closet that the girls use each week.
To Download this file click here.

Here is a calendar that I downloaded from It is colored up because each month I have assigned a value - you will see that in the notes each month.
I have taken out our personal information other than the value and the conducting class. Add your clipart.... make it your own. Change the colors have fun. They print out nicely - with plenty of room.
To download this file click here.

Here in our ward we are focusing on letting the girls Lead. We want to give them the tools so that it isnt overwhelming. I'm hoping that these sheets can help them realize that
1. Brainstorming
2. Committing
3. Following through
Will give them great results in their classes.
As stated above. I will post up the BYC sheet and Activity Planning sheet ASAP. We are meeting each BYC sunday 30 minutes before BYC - 10 minutes all together and then into our seperate classes - to talk about what will be discussed at BYC and what assignments for the month will need to be made.
Please let me know if you see something that might need to be added. This is my first run at trying to organize things into one sheet.


Amber! said...

Thank you so much for the calendar. I love it!! Your blog is wonderful, I am going to share it with all my young women presidents in the stake. Good job and thanks again for sharing!

...Sheri said...

Thanks for all you do! Do your girls have a binder full of spiritual thoughts to choose from or do they come up with them on their own? If you have anything on file I'd love to have you share it with us too!

Melanie said...

FYI The calendar doesn't have any months focusing on Virtue, probably because it was made before the announcement.

Anonymous said...

Wow, THANK YOU! Thanks so much for sharing all you've done. I can already tell it's going to help our group get organized!!