Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trade Secrets =-)

Not really trade secrets. But just to let everyone know how I create these "gems".

Digital scrapbooking came to my attention around Christmas time 2007. I've done graphic art, webdesign and add creation for a while almost 8 years and silly me had never even heard of digital scrapbooking. When I stumbled upon a site I was HOOKED. Physical scrapbooking overwhelms me. Hobby Lobby's isles literally send me into a panic attack... I buy way to much and nothing looks right. I cant create what I want with my hands in that way. So this whole time I've been plotting to get into scrapbooking but never took the plunge. Anywho... as soon as I saw digital scrapbooking I knew it was for me.
Program I use - Adobe Photoshop Elements - this program is like the baby sister of Photo Shop - cost a third and does almost everything you need it to do.
Websites I get things from - (lds owner), this site has great tutorials!, plus a WONDERFUL forum where you can ask anything or search anything that someone might have already asked. has a TON of cute kits that are free and also great tutorial.
There are sites popping up that you can do everything from a website. I have not tested any of these out so I am not sure how they work or if they are easier.
I print everything so far at Walgreens (any place will work) I save everything if picture quality (300 dpi) and have never had something not turned out. I do alot of hands out in 4x6 size since they are cheapest. I've used my own printer but find it sure seems to waist ink =-) I like to pay alittle for them to do it for me.

I hope this helps. My family blog I have a few more links of scrapbooking places I go to. Let me know if you have specific question or need any help. I love helping people.


Sally said...

Love your stuff. You mentioned a week or two ago on a YW site that you were going to download a calendar that you created. We are starting on our calendar for next year and I would love your template! Thanks for all your work.

Garrison Family said...

Sally - I hope you check back... I just put the files up tonight.

Brinkerhoff Six said...

This might be a silly question, but how do you get your stuff to Walgreens? Do you e-mail it or can you pull it up there? Kim

Anonymous said...

i love your ideas! i just got called as yw pres and your ideas have been a lifesaver. just wanted to know what font you use for the "be thou and example" on your binder covers. thanks

Garrison Family said...

2Peas Ribbons

Nicole said...

Wow! How wonderful you are to put this up for all of us to use--way to put your 'light' upon a 'candlestick'! (Matt. 5:15)
I'm so excited to use you values for our YW in Excellence this weekend. Thank you for all you do!