Monday, June 8, 2009


On a request for a Girls Camp reminder I have altered the Happiness Promise image to be used for P.J.S
To download this 4x6 click here.


Mo├žas said...

I'm a brazilian girl.
I'm a LDS too!! I loved your blog!! Congratulations!!
I make scrapbook too, but I am still learning.
Where you find so beautiful materials? I want make in portuguese for my young woman class.
See u later... :)

Stephanette said...


I just thought I would say thank you for taking the time to make and post this stuff! I appreciate it as my talents aren't developed enough yet with digiscrap.

Thanks again!
Steph from KS

andi@ldscreativitycorner said...

I nominated you for a LOVELY BLOG Award. Check it out: