Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Theme Sample 3

Well I thought I would give ya something alittle more playful. Just got my new computer all set up and oh how much fun it is to do scrapbooking when the computer doesnt take all day to process things.
So by request this can be downloaded in the 4x6 size by clicking here.
Or by the 8x10 size by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I like it! This may be perfect for our YW room. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Question - assuming you did this on your computer - what program did you use? cindy

Garrison Family said...
Here ya go Cindy

Anonymous said...

i am new to yw and i was surprised to find the current poster with the theme scribbled on to add "virtue" and nothing available at LDS Distribution... so thank for sharing your talents. your yw theme is hanging in our yw room now. your talents have inspired me to sort through my digi "scraps" and "brushes" to make one too and i just finished.