Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Beginnings Gift

Okay so Im fiddling with this... need opinions. We are giving the girls a gift at New Beginnings that relates to this years theme Steadfast and Immovable. Any suggestion: should I mat this or just put it in a cheap (and I mean cheap) frame or just apply it to like foam board cut to size... ... any suggestions are welcomed.


sam c. said...

i love this.
is the template available anywhere?
how about turning it into a magnet? then they could put them in their lockers at school?
other than that, i would probably just put them in a frame!!!
very clever idea.

Melanie said...

I really like the other commenter's suggestion to put it on a magnet (you can buy the big sheets of magnets at craft stores and glue on the picture) idea. Otherwise, they look amazing!

The Smith's said...

That is way cute you did a good job. Great Idea

Angela W said...

What a very good idea. We just made some magnets or small wall hangers, depending on what the girls wanted to make, with the theme on them a few weeks ago. We used some craftwood and had the girls either paint them or use paper to give individual touch. We then used a sticker with the theme and put it in the middle. You can see them at our YW blog

schneiderrc said...

I love this idea. Is this scrapbook paper you mounted the picture on? Did the picture of Christ come on the paper or did you put it in somehow? Please share where you got the paper or how you made this.